Venue: Synergy, Durban South Africa

The problem we’re solving

Customer service is broken. The channels to contact a brand are inconsistent across different businesses. Too many businesses are focused on the cost to serve and not on building customer lifetime value. There is limited to no focus on first time resolution. Teams are being measured by volume and number of calls rather than issue resolution. Customers are churning, or worse, becoming active detractors on social media and face-to-face with friends, family, work colleagues and strangers!

Our event will deliver a view of what end-to-end customer centricity entails and the practical steps brands can take to deliver this.



Wednesday 3rd May 2023 – Synergy, Durban

Thursday 4th May 2023 – Synergy, Durban


During the event you will get first-hand understanding on the BPO industry in South Africa. A keynote on the customer centricity framework and ten new ROIs for delivering this with case studies from Customer centric brands and why they’re successful.

You will also hear from Synergy as the exemplar of customer care and the impact we’re having across all clients and sectors. And how we help move brands from ‘serving’ to ‘caring’ and the impact of this.

We will delve into the BPO technology landscape for best practice CX and focus on how the industry and Synergy can help and support your own ESG agenda aligned to the UN Global Impact Goals.


    Your complimentary invitation includes overnight accommodation at The Raddison including food and beverages.

    Address details
    Durban Head Office:
    1 Holwood Park, 5 Canegate Road
    Durban, South Africa 4300