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Agents with agency – the new call centre operator needs more than a script to follow

Expectations for contact centre staff have changed dramatically – not just in how they work, but also in what kinds of work they do. Technology advances have encouraged brands to move towards the automation of more basic functions and rules-based tasks. While these activities are ideal for the application of robotic process automation (RPA) software, […]

A UK-style contact-centre – without the price tag. The benefits of outsourcing to South Africa

Why Outsource? The amount of touchpoints customers now have with brands is proliferating. On the flip side, that means brands can’t be tied to single or even multi-channel contact platforms. Customers don’t just expect to be able to get in touch how they want – email, live chat, phone – but they expect to be […]

Your customers are your most precious asset, don’t leave them in the wrong hands

Data: the oil of the information age, an asset as valuable to retailers as gold. If you’re in retail, you won’t need the importance of data explaining again. What can often get lost in the rush to monetise it, however, is where it comes from: Customers. Customer data is used to many ends in retail, […]

The full customer experience hub

Today, call centres do more than just answer calls. Over the past few years, their service list has extended to numerous diverse customer-focused tasks, including appointment management, live web chat, email support, social media management, order processing, virtual reception services, business process management, market research and lead generation, among others. This broadening of scope has […]